Finding Mr. Right Energy System


Energy information systems are used in a variety of commercial buildings operations and environments, and can be characterized in a number of ways. However, the sheer number and variety of available systems complicate the selection of products to match the needs of a given user. Because of this, it can be difficult to determine which energy information system is right for you. Luckily, GreenPath Energy Solutions is here to help.

Energy information systems comprise software, data acquisition hardware, and communication systems that are intended to provide energy information to building energy and facilities managers, financial managers, and utilities. This technology has been commercially available for over a decade, however recent advances in Internet and other information technology, and analytical features have expanded the number of product options that are available. In response, a framework was developed to define the capabilities of different types of energy information systems, and was applied to characterize approximately 30 technologies.

Energy information systems are important to understand because they offer the analytical support to process measured data into information, and they provide the informational link between the primary actors who impact building energy efficiency – operators, facilities and energy managers, owners and corporate decision makers. To gain a better understanding of energy information systems, read GreenPath’s white paper entitled, “Preliminary Findings from an Analysis of Building Energy Informations System Technologies.”

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