Beat the Heat and Save Money This Summer


Summer is in full swing and keeping your offices and building cool translates to an increase in your energy bills. Hot employees are not very productive are they?

This summer, don’t sweat the higher energy costs. Instead beat them with these cool tips:

Keep lights and electronics use to a minimum. Encourage staff to shut off lights and electronics they aren’t using. Having an office full of computers, printers and other equipment requires keeping it cool so they function properly. Shutting down or putting into sleep mode those things not being used, cuts down on the heat they are producing, and the cooling they require. At the end of the day, shut everything down that can be safely shut down.

Upgrade your equipment. Sure, that printer from 10 years ago still runs, but it’s also an energy sucking, heat producing monster. Upgrade to energy efficient models and lower your cooling bill.

Unplug. Did you know that chargers plugged into the wall are still drawing power even if they aren’t actually charging anything? Make sure employees are unplugging their cell phone chargers and other device adapters when not in use.

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