Both, public and private utility companies are mandated to offer sustainable energy efficiency programs such as rebates, energy audits, energy benchmarking, commissioning, and other incentive programs to help their commercial and residential customers conserve and reduce energy and water consumption and provide financing for energy retrofit projects. GreenPath works with utilities must find innovative ways to target small commercial building owners to take advantage of these programs. The technology platform offered by GreenPath solves these problems, RCx Building Suitcase combined with the energy expertise we provide makes it easier for small commercial businesses to reduce energy usage, measure and verify savings, and to consistently engage in sustainable energy projects.


  • Comply with government energy benchmarking, energy efficiency, and energy disclosure laws.
  • Award winning RCx Building Suitcase technology.
  • Captures 60% of energy savings at 33% of the cost of conventional retro-commissioning.
  • Track energy savings, detect usage anomalies, and establish measure and verification benchmarks.
  • Simple-to-use web-based application that deploy sensors for short-term data collection.
  • Automatically generate low/no-cost recommendations to improve energy performance.
  • Automated upload of required data in the Energy Star Portfolio Manager.
  • Software application with graphical user interface, which automatically analyzes data.


  • Improve building operations, comfort, utility costs, and energy performance.
  • Offer commissioning providers a means to streamline existing processes and reduce costs, making it possible to expand their market to smaller buildings.
  • Integrated approach offers both time and consumption savings advantage up to 30%.
  • Identification of building performance improvement opportunities via innovations in sensors and software.
  • Facilitates green building certification such as LEED, Energy Star, and Green Globes.
  • Easy to use, not requiring highly specialized expertise for use.
  • Delivers simple, easy to interpret web-based reports that can be run from anywhere at any time.

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