Education Energy Reform


The school year is in full swing as students fall into their routines and resolve any issues the new academic year brought. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about Congress and the new fiscal year. With the government currently shutdown, government-funded arenas such as the Department of Education School have been deemed “non-essential.” Educational institutions continually face monetary difficulties, and with the government at a discord regarding spending, it is more important now than ever for school districts and institutes of higher education to begin saving.

Energy conservation has a direct impact on a school district’s and university’s costs. According to Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, a typical school district pays approximately $1.25 per square foot annually; for a mid-sized school district, that accounts for nearly $1 million spent on energy alone. Now imagine how much a large state university spends on energy—it’s no wonder why tuition costs have increased by nearly twenty percent in the past two decades.

Reduced energy consumption means reduced spending so there’s more money to spend on proper student education. GreenPath Energy Solutions makes saving possible by serving the education market. We ensure that schools and universities comply with government energy benchmarking, energy efficiency, and energy disclosure laws using easy-to-interpret daily scorecards. Our software allows customers to see what areas need improvement as well as track the savings those improvements produce—soon, you’ll be seeing the benefits of using GreenPath Energy Solutions!

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