What does “green” mean?


GreenPath Energy Solutions is a leading supplier of energy efficient building solutions—but what does this mean? What makes a building energy efficient? What makes a building “green”?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines a green building as a “structure that is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout it life cycle.” A green building takes many forms: a building constructed with sustainable materials; healthy indoor environments with minimal pollutants; or even landscapes that reduce water usage. Being an energy-efficient building doesn’t mean eradicating all energy use, but rather using energy and natural resources more responsibly.

How do you know if your building utilizes energy efficiently? That’s where GreenPath Energy Solutions comes in. With our EnergyTrak Apps, monitoring energy use in your building is simple. EnergyTrak is an easy-to-use energy software toolkit designed to provide knowledge and insight into how you are using energy from the initial energy audit through verification of energy savings. Through four different applications, your understanding of your building’s energy usage will be fully comprehensive and provide a wealth of information.

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