Going Wireless


Wireless technology is a fairly recent development that now surrounds us: radio, television, cell phones, WiFi, et cetera. We may love the technology we have now, but there’s always room for improvement, especially in the business operation and management sector.

The emerging technology of wireless sensing shows a shift in the way sensors are used in buildings. New and innovative wireless sensors are being developed, moving closer and closer to the ideal wireless sensor. But what makes up an ideal wireless sensor?

-Low installed cost. A low installed cot requires low cost hardware and quick, easy install using limited labor, saving even more money in the process.

-Self-configuring. Sensors would assign themselves identifications, recognize their neighboring sensors, and establish communication paths.

-Self-maintaining and -healing. Sensors would automatically reroute any blocked signals to another path without the need of human intervention, saving maintenance cost over time.

-Self-powered. Sensors are able to conserve energy, benefiting energy costs.

These are only some of the capabilities of the ideal wireless sensor. A more detailed description can be found in GreenPath’s white papers, “Wireless Sensor Application for Building Operation Management.

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