Orange County Convention Center – North-South Building Expansion

Project Description

The Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) North-South Building Expansion include the addition of a Multi-purpose Venue to the east side of the existing Phase V venue and a Grand Concourse to the west side.


Orange County, FL


Project Management/OAR, Document Control, Cost Estimating,
Sustainability Management, and Construction Management


$950 million


AECOM/Orange County Government


The Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) is the second largest facility of its kind in the country and is an important piece of the economy in Central Florida. The OCCC North-South Building Expansion Project will encompass the east and west sides of the North-South Building.  The grand concourse improvement (1) will be built on the western side of the building to include 60,000 square feet of meeting room program, a flexible 80,000 square foot ballroom, restrooms and service corridors. The eastern side of the facility expansion will consist of a 200,000 square foot column-free Multipurpose Venue (2) with associated supporting lobby, concourses, restrooms, and service corridors.  Each area is designed with circulation, service, back of house, and utility spaces. The project also includes public improvements in and around the project site. GreenPath staff participates in all project management activities serving as owner’s authorized representative, providing document control, cost estimating, LEED project management, constructability reviews, construction administration, project site inspections, and certified that installation, prestart checks, and startup procedures have been completed.