Sarasota County Government – LEED Enhanced Commissioning

Project Description

In today’s marketplace, it is essential that buildings perform at peak energy efficiency for owners.  GreenPath  provides a variety of commissioning, energy consulting, and sustainability services that enable facilities to consistently operate at optimum levels.


Sarasota County, Florida


LEED Enhanced Commissioning - four (4) newly constructed Fire Stations




SSR, Inc./Sarasota County Government


GreenPath assisted SSR in providing LEED prescriptive measures for Enhanced Commissioning at four (4) newly constructed Fire Stations in Sarasota County, Florida.  Each  new station encompasses 14,500 SF in two stories (2 stations) and provides an eight-bunk room to accommodate three shifts. It also boasts three apparatus bays and a large training room for use by the fire department. The fire stations were designed in accordance with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED® requirements to make this the first green firehouses in the community. The design also included PV solar rooftop panels, low flow fixtures and light sensing shut off lights in unoccupied spaces. New mechanical equipment included an HVAC with variable refrigerant to allow the occupants individual control of different spaces and simultaneous heating and cooling. Our staff ensured that commissioned systems were constructed according to the contract documents and HVAC systems, subsystems, controls, and equipment were operating as designed. Building systems commissioned included: Electrical –domestic hot water heating systems; Mechanical and HVAC – heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems including electrical lighting controls and daylighting control systems.  Our team developed a commissioning plan, verification checklists, conducting functional and performance tests, site visits, and writing deficiency and final commissioning reports for the Owner.