Raymond James Corporate Headquarters

Project Description

GreenPath performed an ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit at Raymond James corporate headquarters campus.  The 44-acre campus consist of 7 buildings, including 4 mult-story office towers, 2 parking garages, a bank/office and a warehouse, totaling over 1 million square feet.


St. Petersburg, Florida


Energy Audit – Level II




Raymond James and Associates, Inc.


The purpose of the Energy Audit was to provide Raymond James with a baseline of energy usage and the relative energy efficiency its facilities and specific recommendations for Energy Conservations Measures (ECMs). The energy audit examined electricity, natural gas, and water consumption to identify energy conservation opportunities for each building. The energy audit included a review of the historical energy and water consumption and costs, review of the building envelope, HVAC equipment, heat distribution systems, lighting, and the building’s operational and maintenance practices.  During the energy study GreenPath also interviewed and consulted with RJA operational and maintenance personnel, identified energy/utility incentives and performed a feasibility analysis on renewable energy systems including solar photovoltaic, geothermal energy, and cogeneration energy.  GreenPath identified an average of 10 ECMs per building which, if rectified, would provide Raymond James with approximately 20% annual energy saving. In addition, to identifying energy savings opportunities, our staff also logged two years of utility data into the USEPA Portfolio Manager tool and performed energy utilization index (EUI), cost index (CI), and benchmark analysis for each building.