An increasing number of utilities are offering rebates and incentive programs that help provide financing for energy retrofit projects however many commercial businesses are not convinced to take advantage of these programs due to the lack of financial payback information on the proposed improvements. Also, Utilities must find innovative ways to target high potential commercial buildings, measure and verify savings, energy usage, and consistently engage their customers to take action. The technology platform offered by GreenPath solves these problems, RCx Sensor Suitcase combined with the energy expertise we provide makes it easier for commercial businesses to estimate payback periods and provides energy reports in consistent formats.


  • Compatible with Green Button data allowing businesses to automatically view their energy usage data daily in easy to read reports, graphs, and charts.
  • Simple, easy-to-interpret daily scorecards to teach building energy use, cost savings, load profiles and peak demand days.
  • Track energy savings performance and detect usage anomalies or areas for operational improvements.
  • Simple-to-use web-based application that learns energy use patterns and consumption in buildings
  • Award winning Energy Expert software
  • Automated upload of required data in the Energy Star Portfolio Manager


  • Increase utility company’s value added services by offering or bundling our services.
  • Provide a consistent format to quickly report energy usage, costs and ROI for projects under consideration.
  • Increase demand for utility rebates and incentive programs for commercial building energy retrofits.
  • Rapidly identify low/no-cost energy saving opportunities.
  • Rank and prioritize high potential buildings for energy retrofits across a large portfolio.
  • Increase customer satisfaction making them more likely to take action.
  • Measure and verify savings for implemented energy retrofit projects.
  • Significantly reduce energy auditing time and expense.

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