During the past 11 years, GreenPath has performed as a prime consultant and sub-consultant on over 200 projects totaling over $1 billion, including building and terminal renovations, roof replacements, electrical and mechanical/HVAC upgrades, building commissioning, and LED lighting and energy retrofits. Responsibilities included: implementing project controls systems; maintaining project budgets, cost loading and tracking programs; evaluating and negotiating changes orders; coordinating project activities from project pre-construction to closeout; reviewing RFIs and change orders; construction quality assurance inspections; interfacing with owner’s senior management, design/engineering and construction personnel. Below are examples of prior project experience working in aviation, public/government, education, and commercial projects:

BP-S100 Automated People Mover (APM) Operating System

Orlando International Airport (OIA)

BP-S100 consisted of the replacement of the existing APM trains serving the Airsides 1 and 3 and the Intermodal APM System serving the South Terminal at OIA. As a sub-consultant on the program and project management team, GreenPath provided Structural and QC/QA Site Inspections Services. The APM running surfaces serving Airsides 1 and 3 are more than 28 years old. Over this time, the concrete running surface has experienced deterioration including surface cracking and spalling of the running surface at several spans along the APM guideways. This project scope of work extended the service life of Airsides 1 and 3 APM trains by replacement of vehicles, train control and the running surface. The program for the South Terminal Intermodal APM System provided an APM rail connection between the new South Terminal Complex (STC) and the existing North Terminal Complex at OIA. Our staff performed technical inspections verifying that the materials furnished and work performed were in accordance with the plans and specifications and all other contract documents.

South Airport APM Complex and ITF Program

Orlando International Airport (OIA)

The South Airport APM Complex consists of two main components, the APM Program and the Intermodal Terminal Facility (ITF). As a sub-consultant on the program and project management team, GreenPath provided MEP Inspections and Project Management Services. The project scope included two Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) contracts for roadways, bridges and site work, and construction of the South Airport ITF. Also, project scope included nearly 1.5 million square feet build-out of the ITF with provisions for Intercity Rail and local commuter rail, North Terminal Complex (NTC) APM Station, 6 level Parking Garage for approximately 2,400 parking spaces, and a Ground Transportation Facility.

W-328, ASHRAE Level 1 Energy Audit Airside Terminals 1-3

Orlando International Airport (OIA)

W-328, was part of a comprehensive project to prioritize energy projects at OIA which included the development of a Comprehensive Energy Management Plan, referred to the “Energy Roadmap”. Our staff provided Energy Project Management Services, identifying potential energy and cost saving opportunities. The project scope included performing an ASHRAE Level 1 Energy Audit on Airside Terminals 1, 2, and 3. The energy audit included a cursory review of the mechanical, electrical, and lighting systems, review of maintenance records, and a review of the as-built record drawings for each of the Airside Terminals. Energy Star benchmarking and energy performance was conducted on the existing terminal buildings to identify and prioritized Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs). We also observed the functionality and capabilities of the BAS system that managed much of the HVAC infrastructure, we reviewed control systems set points, schedules, trends and sequences of operations and analyzed opportunities to save energy, analyzed energy bills and conducted a brief on-site survey of each airside terminal.

BP-447, Main Ticket Lobby Modifications

Orlando International Airport (OIA)

BP-447 Main Ticket Lobby Project addresses multiple facility issues including capacity enhancements and asset preservation at the Landside Terminal. As a sub-consultant on the program and project management team, GreenPath provided HVAC Commissioning of the newly installed systems, Mechanical, Electrical and Building Inspections and Project Management Services. The project scope included expanded and updated ticket lobbies counters to provide increased capacity and passenger processing, relocating exterior walls towards enplane curbs, providing new self-assisted check-in facilities, new interior and exterior finishes, new/updated signage, video management back wall, and improved IT/communication infrastructure, and installation of over 50 AHU HVAC units at various levels . GreenPath staff provided construction coordination with the OAR’s, Contractors, governmental agencies, inspection services, reviewed shop drawings, submittals logs, maintain photographic Records of the progress and quality of the work. Also, GreenPath staff provided project-specific construction checklists and commissioning process test procedures for HVAC&R systems, assemblies, and certified that installation, pre-start checks, and start-up procedures have been completed.

Raymond James Corporate Headquarters

St. Petersburg, FL.

GreenPath conducted an ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit of the Raymond James headquarter campus. The 44-acre campus consist of 7 buildings, including 4 towers, 2 parking garages, a bank/office and a warehouse, totaling over 1 million square feet. The purpose of the Energy Audit was to provide Raymond James with a baseline of energy usage and the relative energy efficiency its facilities and specific recommendations for Energy Conservations Measures (ECMs). The energy audit was conducted in accordance with federal regulations and recommendations of the US Department of Energy (DOE) and ASHRAE Level II prescriptive methods— examine electricity, natural gas, fossil fuel and water consumption to identify energy conservation opportunities for each building.

U.S. Army Southern Command

Miami, Florida

GreenPath was the prime contractor to provide engineering services to create an Energy Dashboard/System Modifications at the U.S. Army Southern Command. The project’s scope of services included to install, modify, and calibrate the existing Generator/Utility Monitoring and Control System (GUMCS). The intent of the modification to the existing GUMCS was to provide redundant supervisory monitoring and supervisory control of the base-wide building generator control system and utility control system with updated software capable of providing reports and trend data, as specified by the Government. GreenPath’s engineering team designed and installed a redundant HMI and PC workstation remotely located in the Central Utility Plant (CUP), Department of Public Works. The new energy dashboard included upgraded software, compliance and quality control of the GUMCS systems to perform dual supervisory monitoring and supervisory control of base-wide building generator control systems and utility control systems using Modbus (TCP/IP) Framework. The energy dashboard system performed supervisory monitoring and control functions including but not limited to Scheduling, Alarm Handling, Trending, Overrides, Report Generation, and Electrical Demand Limiting as specified.

Orange County Government - Building Commissioning Services

Orlando, FL

GreenPath is a subconsultant providing continuing building commissioning services to Orange County Government facilities. Our team performed professional commissioning on the HVAC systems, HVAC controls, assemblies, equipment, and alarm systems on over 50 task orders during the past three years. Our team responsibilities included leading various meetings with the Owner and construction team to develop a commissioning plan, verification checklists, conducting functional and performance tests, site visits, observing pre-functional tests, and writing deficiency and final commissioning reports for the Owner. GreenPath staff provided project-specfic construction checklists and commissioning process test procedures for HVAC&R systems, assemblies, and certified that installation, prestart checks, and startup procedures have been completed.

Sarasota County Government – LEED Enhanced Commissioning

Sarasota, FL

GreenPath is a subconsultant providing LEED prescriptive measures for Enhanced Commissioning on four (4) newly constructed Fire Stations in Sarasota County, Florida. Our team ensured that commissioned systems were constructed according to the contract documents and HVAC systems, subsystems, controls, and equipment were operating as designed. Building systems commissioned included: Electrical –domestic hot water heating systems; Mechanical and HVAC – heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems including controls; Electrical lighting controls and daylighting control systems. Our team developed a commissioning plan, verification checklists, conducting functional and performance tests, site visits, observing pre-functional tests, and writing deficiency and final commissioning reports for the Owner.

Orange County Public Schools - Building Commissioning Services

Orlando, FL.

Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) has over 188 schools, it the 10th largest school district in the nation and 4th largest district in Florida. Orange County Public Schools has one of the largest and most successful construction programs in the United States. Since 2003, the district has opened 43 new schools to accommodate growth and relieve overcrowding. Through the 2016-17 school year, 101 schools have been replaced or renovated. The district continues to build new schools and facilities or renovate existing schools. GreenPath serves as a subconsultant continuing contract commissioning authority for OCPS. Since 2014, GreenPath has received more than 100 task orders for commissioning and retro-commissioning services and conducted a variety of investigations, analysis and studies for new and existing schools.