Commercial Market

Many facility managers and buildings owners still resort to an “after the fact” understanding of energy use by checking and comparing 30-60 day old energy bills received from their utility supplier. These managers and owners leave themselves exposed to unexpected and unplanned expenses which can add significant business risk to their bottom lines. Research by the U.S. Department of Energy (and others) has show that just installing meter monitoring on your building improves efficiency awareness and can result in up to 2% energy savings.


  • Comply with government energy benchmarking, energy efficiency, and energy disclosure laws.
    Simple, easy-to-interpret daily scorecards to teach building energy use, cost savings, load profiles and peak demand days.
  • Track energy savings performance and detect usage anomalies or areas for operational improvements.
    Simple-to-use web-based application that learns energy use patterns and consumption in buildings.
  • Automated upload of required data in the Energy Star Portfolio Manager.


  • Reduce energy waste and costs.
  • Web-based technology tools combine benchmarking, audit and implementation into one approach. This integrated approach offers both time and consumption savings advantage up to 30%.
  • Facilitate the existing building transition to high-performance green building such as LEED, Energy Star, and Green Globes. Studies show that these buildings lease up faster and are able to charge up to 11% higher rates per square foot for green certified buildings.
  • Delivers simple, easy to interpret web-based reports that can be run from anywhere at any time making it easier to manage your portfolio properties across wide geographic areas.

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