Who We Are

Established in 2006, JMATT Construction Services, LLC dba GreenPath Energy Solutions is a leading provider of energy management solutions and project management services to aviation, commercial, and public markets. We help commercial building owners and managers complete construction projects on-time and within budget and then help them use energy more intelligently in their newly constructed or renovated building(s).

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Why GreenPath Energy Solutions?

  • We ask questions.
  • We study.
  • We analyze.
  • We offer actionable solutions.
  • We understand Energy Management Challenges.

We provide solutions that improve energy performance, reduce maintenance expenses and increase the life of major building systems.

Markets Served


Many facility managers and buildings owners still resort to an “after the fact” understanding of energy use by checking and comparing 30-60 day old energy bills received from their utility supplier. These managers and owners leave themselves exposed to unexpected and unplanned expenses which can add significant business risk to their bottom lines.

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Energy conservation has a direct impact on a college campus or school district’s financial bottom line, reduced consumption equals reduced spending. The result is an efficient campus that becomes an optimal learning environment, saves money, and protects people and property.                                                                                                                                        .Learn More »

Public Sector

Federal Government and other public facilities are under mandates and executive orders to reduce energy and water consumption to become more energy efficient. Greenpath’s Managed Energy Information Services offer a trio of best-in-class services designed to save time and augment your expertise to enable you to realize energy savings as soon as possible.

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An increasing number of utilities are offering rebates and incentive programs that help provide financing for energy retrofit projects however many commercial businesses are not convinced to take advantage of these programs due to the lack of financial payback information on the proposed improvements.

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Since 2006, GreenPath has received hundreds of task orders, job orders, and contracts valued at over $10 million. These projects included airport terminal and tenant renovations, airfield infrastructure, energy retrofits, roof replacement, energy audits, LED lighting upgrades, energy dashboards, and HVAC mechancial systems upgrades and building commissioning and retro-commissioning. These projects demonstrate an environmentally conscious client base that use energy more wisely and pay less for it in the long-run.
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Expert in a Suitcase cuts power bills 10% in small and medium-size commercial buildings

The Sensor Suitcase packs the knowledge of a seasoned energy efficiency professional into a high-tech suitcase, which contains easy-to-use sensors and other equipment that make it possible for anyone to identify energy-saving opportunities in small commercial buildings. The automated and reusable system combines hardware and software in one package so its users can identify cost-effective measures that save small commercial buildings about 10 percent on their energy bills.